Cotswold Tool and Press

“SmartTime allowed us to grow in a steady and progressive way”

How SmartTime helped a small business achieve growth in an efficient way.

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The Problem

Cotswold Tool & Press, a Small/Medium Enterprise in Oxfordshire, were expanding dramatically, and management needed to have greater control of the business while keeping head count and costs to a minimum.

The Solution

SmartTime Rise was implemented. During the first three months, the company was provided with a comprehensive system together with accurate costings and the ability to provide high quality performance back to clients by return.

Over the next nine months, the company moved onto SmartTime Flow to assist with auto - scheduling of production to control and improve the stock turn of manufacturing.

Since then the system has been collecting data and provides valuable insights to improve the through put of the facility.

The Benefits

The SmartTime platform provided the following benefits:

The ability to compete with larger competitors on an equal footing

Release of cash by reduction of WIP and stock

Business expansion without large staff increases

The ability to confidently tender for diverse jobs from new clients

Improved profit margins and tighter control over cash

Promote the company as forward thinking and innovative

“SmartTime boosted our business and gave us benefits we hadn’t even imagined.”