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Visma Retail - providing retailers with the best tools to stay competitive, gaining more and loyal customers through enhanced shopping experience.

With our help, retailers can successfully attract customers to the marketplace, increase sales through enhanced shopping experience and create loyal customers. This by clever use of technology supporting all the necessary processes at all levels.

Visma Retail enables you to meet customer expectations and stay competitive. The key? A single source of information coupled with a fully integrated retail, logistic and financial system. From hardware and implementation to consultancy and support, we've got you covered.


Microsoft technology has been applied in an innovative way to deliver the groundbreaking ‘human design’ environment, which allows for simple but powerful customisation of the working environment for department, user group or even individual user.

When a user logs onto the system, the screens and options relevant to that user will appear. An authorised used can copy a setup of a working window or adjust a working window and store it in their own folder for future use. In this way the system can easily be customised to provide the optimum working scenario for every user or user group.

The advanced technology of Visma Business allows the delivery of systems which are optimised for each company’s specific business processes via system configuration, eliminating the requirement for costly bespoke development. This agile systems delivery (ASD) methodology allows us to produce systems which can be reviewed, refined and rolled out quickly and cost effectively.


Financial systems contain vital data on company affairs. It is essential that the system has excellent safety and security routines. Visma Business obviously has full password control. For even further control, users can be denied access to sensitive areas of the system or even allowed read-only access. Visma Business also has excellent start-up and roll-back routines after irregular operational interruptions e.g. a power cut or server failure.


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