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SmartTime is a “Process Control System” designed to provide an integrated manufacturing and process management solution in Industry 4.0 and the Smart Manufacturing era. It is built on the fundamentals of continuous improvement, resource and materials management, quality control and conformance; with visible performance monitoring and reporting. It is an open interface between a multitude of virtual and physical systems with the express aim of delivering higher quality products, improved productivity, increased efficiency and sustaining safer working environments. SmartTime is the new modern way of thinking that allows the business to be more innovative with its products and processes. The systems’ fundamental aim is to deliver increased sales, reduced costs, improved efficiency and enable a more agile real-time working environment. SmartTime is a smarter interconnected working environment that will allow UK manufacturers to remain competitive with companies abroad. Overseas companies are already building smart factories and it is our aim to ensure that UK companies not only remain competitive, but lead the way in a fully integrated, collaborative and ever-changing world.



Why NOW is the Smart Time to Digitally Transform your Business?

All businesses can benefit from digital transformation. We have helped companies from FTSE 100 through to SME’s. All require the same basic business principles, just on a different scale. Digital transformation brings greater visibility, providing the ability to make quicker, more informed decisions.


It wasn’t that long ago planning a journey involved viewing a road map, listening to the traffic bulletin and hope for little traffic congestion. But that headache has been eased by the little satnav devices in our vehicles removing much of the planning aspect from one of our daily tasks


This little device pulls data from around the country, quickly modelling and planning the optimal route based on live data, computing permutations in seconds that would take the human brain much longer to evaluate.


So why are you not using technology to plan your manufacturing route?


Utilizing the tools and data collected in SmartTime will assist in creating automation and replace manual processes.


SmartTime users are realising the benefit of understanding the costs of their products and processes and therefore the profit margins. Informed decisions can then be made on which products to grow or if they should change their offering. There is substantial time and cost savings for the organization by automating processes and creating immediate visibility into the metrics for the products they make.

Performance is improved through a number of built-in Smart KPIs.


Users have said that the system gives clear, measurable and attainable performance data relevant to the operators. SmartTime uses time frames to show the importance of maintaining them, ultimately leading to greater improvements.


Customizable metrics allow you to indicate that you are successful in pursuing the vision and strategy and act as a bench mark for continuous improvement and leaner operations.

Create and view live work instructions in a user-friendly digital format. Work instructions can be viewed on mobile devices, tablets and desktops - moving away from traditional paper methods. Our electronic work instruction interface provides the facility for training and auditing of work instructions too, enabling you to go paperless.


Manual work instructions can result in a number of non-conformities from version control to a lack of understanding from text-based instructions. Our electronic work instruction software helps you to overcome these challenges, reducing the firefighting so that you can be proactive about process improvements.

One of the benefits of data collection is that it enables easy, instant and accurate auditing to take place at all of your locations, across all of your devices. An integrated platform approach means the reporting and analysis of your internal audit structure is simplified, saving management time and cost.


The sophisticated data collection platform can collate all of your audits in one place. Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces allow for capture of key data, attach media files and verify results while production is progressing. Real time reporting, alerting and auditing on most devices across multiple platforms.

Using SmartTime to manage your team’s time and efficiency will lead to increased productivity. SmartTime operates seamlessly in the background, monitoring the activities as they happen and making informed decisions on scheduling and delivery of activities. It can analyse how every team member works, allowing the business to set custom metrics to track progress and activity.


As SmartTime gathers data, the team’s performance is measured in real-time, identifying optimal and under-performers, establishing best practices. Thanks to SmartTime’s insights, it is able to identify team members contributing the least to overall team productivity and then align calendars and activities with the highest performers'


After only one month, some users of SmartTime have witnessed a 50% increase in productivity and a 20% reduction in the team’s operating costs.

We are helping to save cost by reducing waste and recording of scrap more efficiently. Accelerated learning algorithms in SmartTime can identify causes of rework much sooner in the process. Acquiring new information earlier can help address any issues and the built-in preventative checks can help avoid repetitive mistakes.


By extracting the information acquired from each manufacturing cycle, the process management and control can be added to help in subsequent manufacture and when designing the next generation products. Model templates and version control are heavily utilised to allow for quick set-up and greater control.

Process Modelling System

At the heart of the system is a configurable hierarchical Process Management System which allows the user to build and model the business flows accurately and simply. Each level has a set of configurable attributes such as model, colour, speed, material, size etc, all of which can determine the operations, tools, material & resource requirement, documentation, training instructions, videos, process plans, drawings and quality checks. At the heart of the system is a configurable hierarchical Process Management System which allows the user to build and model the business flows accurately and simply. Each level has a set of configurable attributes such as model, colour, speed, material, size etc, all of which can determine the operations, tools, material & resource requirement, documentation, training instructions, videos, process plans, drawings and quality checks.


Activity Based Work Instructions

Ad-hoc, scheduled and batch run specific instructions can be issued and may be available at work centres, in real time, delivering manufacturing specific, appropriate and relevant information at the point of manufacture.


This ensures an optimized manufacturing path with quality compliance remains available at every stage.


Time Based Processes

Using time-based processes, whether derived from estimated figures or more accurately measured (using built-in data blocks derived from Time Study, RAS and/ or PMTS) the manufacturing flow of the processes is mapped out to deliver the most efficient process route or the most effective resourcing model.


Line Balancing will ensure that resources, materials, operating instructions and any other relevant information are available at the time of manufacture. This leads to reduced down times and a reduction in non-value-added activities.


Work Centre Interaction

A two-way manufacturing interface at the work centres allows the production teams to watch videos, pull up drawings, inspect control plans and record manufacturing related parameters. Health and Safety, maintenance and compliance instructions can be configured, ensuring operator compliance is enforced.


The work centre interface is customizable to suit most business requirements and the operator can opt to use various devices to view, record or analyse information during the manufacturing processes.


Open External Links

The system is designed to work with your existing ERP, legacy systems, robotics and automation systems. At the core, SmartTime has open links to collect and send information bi-directionally allowing for simple and expert systems to feed or use the data collected in a controlled and compliant manner.


Reports, Alerts and Auditing

The system has a multi-tier and subscription-based alert engine for sending emails, texts or generate follow up activities when specific events occur during production. This ensures Quality, Maintenance and Health and Safety issues are adhered to and escalated without delay.


With tight, yet flexible version and document control, every production run is captured and audited; whilst the reporting and performance functionality ensures complete traceability at each process.


Configurable and Flexible

The system will work with most Windows, Android and IOS devices and can interact with physical and third-party control systems.


The system is designed to grow with the changing needs of the company and can be as simple or as complex as the business requires. This allows for scalable projects, fast implementation and a quick return on investment that continues to payback in years to come with no dead ends or bottlenecks.

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