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Digital Transformation Specialist Launch New Manufacturing App

Digital Transformation Specialist Launch New Manufacturing App

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Visdata Ltd, the Staffordshire-based award-winning digital transformation company, have launched a new process management system for the manufacturing and distribution sector. 

SmartTime Operations, has been developed to transform manufacturing and distribution businesses bringing them further into the digital era. Providing them with an easy to use, quickly implementable system that integrates with existing operational processes to deliver increased productivity, smarter tracking and better costing analysis.

SmartTime Operations is a cloud or on-premise platform which can be accessed through any internet browser and uses intelligent scheduling and planning algorithms to reduce bottle necks while continuously managing what needs to happen, what is happening and report graphically on what has happened.

SmartTime Operations takes the painstaking mundane tasks out of the processes and issues digital instructions directly to operators on appropriate devices and ensures parts are available at the right time to drastically reduce downtime.

Matthew Benfield, Managing Director at Visdata said “The system stands out because it’s been truly designed to streamline and aid the manufacturing and picking processes.  Using my 30+ years’ experience working with large ERP systems and as part of productivity improvement teams, we were able to bridge the gap between business processes and the design / development team.”

"This has resulted in a product that is now miles ahead of the pack, built in such a way that allows the operation to remain agile and delivers information accurately to its customer’s varied and bespoke requirements.”

"We have already seen the impact of the system with our clients, either winning new business or improving the quality control and management of data.  There has been a massive reduction in waste and it has virtually eliminated paper from the shop floor.”

"Clients have said this is the future of smarter operations, it’s light years ahead and assists our processes - not hinder them.  Another client was quoted as saying it’s like Artificial Intelligence meets physical systems with the two worlds working seamlessly in tandem.  I am really proud of what our team has developed and what we have planned for the brand is going to make us a leading software provider in the manufacturing and distribution industry."

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